Pat and Martha Aucoin

Dear Gregg, Zach and Judd.

Martha and I would like to thank you once again for a job well done on our beautiful new beach house at Cinnamon Shore.

As you know, this is our second beach front home constructed by your team, and we look forward to a new place in CS South Shore. The attention to detail and the level of commitment is what we were looking for, and as a Type A personality and perfectionist, I am glad to see your teams attention to detail much like I have.

Your contractors were very professional and I appreciated the little things they did, like turn down their music when my wife and I arrived on the jobsite and made themselves available to answer any questions.

I also enjoyed the level of excitement when the Garden Club selected our home as a fundraiser for their annual tour, and selected it first place. I attribute all of this to your ability to do quality work, attention to detail, and most importantly, keeping your minds open to listen to the creative ideas that flow back and forth between all of us.

If there is ever anything I can do to help you guys, or meet with a potential homeowner, please do not hesitate to give out my number or give me a call.

As always, I wish you guys the best, and look forward to our next project together.”